Are Your Fins Actually Working?

Ever since Benjamin Franklin designed a crude version of the modern swimming fin, humans have been gliding through the water, joining in with the sea life around them as they move swiftly around rock, sand, plant, and animal. There are different styles of fins, but are your fins effective for snorkeling? Here are some tips and ideas from our designed fin.

There are different fins for different swimming activities, just as you would use different shoes for different sports. You can use long, sleek fins for freediving, shorter, more rigid fins for scuba diving, and softer fins for snorkeling. They each help the swimmer differently for each sport. 

Kapitol Reef fins have a unique design, allowing more propulsion with less drag. Here are a few aspects that we have designed into our fin to help you have the best snorkeling experience.

Drag Reducing Vents

Fins - Deep Blue - Detail 3.jpg

Our fins have been designed with vents designed to reduce drag while enabling the swimmer to power through the water.


Glide Channel

Kapitol Reef fins are equiped with a flexible guide channel to ensure maximum torque with every kick.

With all these features, as well as a sleek design, Kapitol Reef fins are sure to aide in having the best snorkeling experience, so grab your pair of fins, and go on your next adventure!

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