Why Snorkeling?

We all want vacations, but have you ever come away from a vacation more anxious than relaxed? Try snorkeling! Here at Kapitol Reef, we strongly believe that snorkeling can change a person's life. We devote our time and effort to providing the best equipment so that families and individuals can have the best snorkeling experience and the best vacations ever!

Snorkels have been used for hundreds of years, people first using reeds and other hollow plants to breathe underwater. They have been used for military stealth, fishing, exploring, and pleasure.

Snorkeling has many positive aspects, from active lifestyle to stress relief and general happiness as a side effect. There's nothing quite like being able to swim above some coral and watch fish swim around you as you float in the cool water. There are so many amazing sights to see and we hope you take the opportunity to go see some of them with our Kapitol Reef snorkel.

Snorkeling provides an escape from the stresses of daily life. When you dip into the cool, clear water and everything becomes muted around you, all you focus on is what you are doing: snorkeling. It's such a relaxing feeling, weightless and cool, as you swim around the reef, looking at vivid colors. You might spot a sea turtle, or see a parrot fish. You can look at a clown fish swimming through an anemone. 

Wherever you go snorkeling, you can have an amazing experience if you take the right equipment. That's why we have developed a dual-tube, pressure regulated snorkel to ease your breathing while snorkeling to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

So, where will your next vacation be? What amazing sea life will you encounter on your next snorkeling adventure?

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