What in the World is Kadence Technology?

So what in the world is Kadence Technology?  You’ve probably heard us mentioning it around on the blog as well as on the site and Kadence this and Kadence that.  But what is it exactly and how is it going to help you get a better dive? 

Well Kadence Technology has introduced the world’s first pressure-regulated snorkel.  That means all the water pressure that is built up around your lungs can be regulated for easy and panic free breathing.

Kadence Technology was created by Dr. Mark R. Johnson, MD and is the revolutionary science behind the Kapitol Reef snorkel.  The exhale pathway of the snorkel has calibrated resistance to improve your breathing.  A small, therapeutic pressure is introduced to improve the delivery of oxygen through the snorkel into the bloodstream and the removal of carbon dioxide from it. 

In order to create a more normal breathing pattern, our Kadence Technology helps to counter the compressive weight of water acting on the chest wall.  The muscles that are used to inhale are saved from fatigue and lung volumes are supported to be more natural.

The pressure regulation allows for improved performance and safety, which are the two main things you should be looking for in regards to a snorkeling experience.  Relaxed respiratory rates drop 32% with Kadence Technology and your breath-hold time increases up to 22%!  Users have noted that they are more comfortable breath-holding with Kadence Technology.

Have you heard of “snorkel panic?”  Basically that feeling of being unable to breathe when your lungs become compressed?  That compressed feeling happens the further down you dive where the pressure becomes more intense.  Kadence Technology helps to preserve lung volumes which leads to much less anxiety while diving.

Our technology also ingeniously separates inhaled air from exhales carbon dioxide, thereby minimizing the re-breathing of oxygen-depleted air.  This is especially beneficial to divers with smaller lungs, meaning children can safely snorkel with an adult-sized snorkel with better comfort. 

When the snorkel is in the upright swim position, the process of exhaling through the Kapitol Reef snorkel removes any water that may be entered during the previous inhalation, even while submerged.  The inhalation passages are naturally protected from splash and floodwater while exhaling. 

While the snorkel is submerged water is not able to get into the inhalation passages, regardless of orientation.  The only way for water to enter the snorkel is if the snorkeler intentionally draws water in.  This water will fill slowly and be purged as soon as the snorkeler exhales. 

Pretty amazing sounding isn’t it?  That’s why we call it groundbreaking technology.  We have developed this so that you can breathe your best while experiencing life to the fullest.