Why It’s Important to Regulate Your Breathing

Well for the obvious reasons of being able to hold your breath longer, dive deeper, and snorkel panic free on the surface but what’s the reason that relaxing to hold your breath seems so much harder while snorkeling in the water?

The weight of the water around your body presses air out of your lungs and forces the muscles around your chest to work harder to inhale.  The result is that your inhalation muscles become fatigued, your lungs hold smaller volumes of air, your breathing patterns become erratic, and anxiety increases.

A normal snorkel doesn’t address these problems and try to help relieve them, but the Kapitol Reef snorkel does.  In fact, many conventional dry snorkels rely upon negative pressure to keep the float valve closed and keep water out.  This suction can actually draw the tongue into the mouthpiece when diving to moderate depths and actually worsens the relative pressure discomfort across the sinuses and the ears.

Our Kadence Technology solves these problems by utilizing precision-engineered valves to develop slightly positive inhalation muscles, preserving lung volumes, and restoring a normal cadence to breathing and improving the efficiency of alveolar (air sac) function in the lungs.  No other snorkel produces such comfortable breathing.

Kadence Technology utilizes precision-engineered valves to match exhalation airway pressures to the water pressure around your body.  This helps to counteract the water pressures against your lungs, mouth, ears, and sinuses.

There’s a reason experienced divers use our snorkel and it’s because of this amazing Kadence Technology that Kapitol Reef has created. 

Check out what some of our Kapitol Reef customers have to say about their dive experiences, or check out some of our videos to see the Kapitol Reef snorkel used during some crazy deep dives. 

Don’t settle on a conventional dry snorkel that will impede your dive experience, get the Kapitol Reef snorkel and get the experience of your life, diving deep without snorkel panic and hanging out with the fish.