10 of the Best Snorkeling Destinations in the World

We all love to snorkel right?  It’s the dream vacation, ending up on a warm beach with the beautiful teal water stretched out in front of us.  This is why Hawaii is such a popular tourist destination.  It’s beautiful and “seems” to be local to us here in the United States, but what are some other places that you should be thinking about in regards to an exotic vacation?

Here’s ten of our picks to make you think twice about your vacation and where you're heading.

10.  Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Are you kidding me with this view?!  It’s amazing.  And if you type in Raja Ampat, Indonesia into your search engine and look through the snorkeling images, you’ll immediately fall in love. There's not a bad shot of the place!  Why would you ever go anywhere else?!

9.  Culebra, Puerto Rico



We all love Hawaii because it seems quick and easy to get to from the US, but you know what else is quick and easy to get to?  Puerto Rico…which is often overlooked.  

It’s beautiful all around and have you ever seen clearer water?  You can practically hang out with the fish all day long, talking stories and what a great film Finding Nemo was.

8.  Catalina Island, California

So maybe you can’t afford a tropical getaway.  That’s fine!  Check out Catalina Island in California.  The Pacific Coast gets forgotten a lot when it comes to snorkeling.  People often think it's colder than the Atlantic, but be sure that the coast has just as good of snorkeling as down near Hawaii.  

7.  Champagne Reef, Dominica

It sounds exotic and expensive doesn’t it?  Who wouldn’t want to go there and vacay?  And exotic it is.  We are all used to the beautiful white beaches and palm trees, but Champagne Reef has a much more tropical rainforest feel to it.  Vacationing here will definitely give you a feeling of being secluded and relaxed.

With snorkeling that looks like it’s out of a watercolor you’ll never want to head back home, and we can’t say we blame you.

6.  Maui, Hawaii

While we want you to stretch your snorkeling legs and experience more than just Hawaii, if you haven’t been there, head to Maui.  Even the rock is telling you it loves you.

Hawaii is well known for it’s snorkeling.  In fact, it’s hard to go to Hawaii and not snorkel…if you make it off the island without having done that, I’d be most surprised.  With waters that look like this, who wouldn’t want to dive down and see what’s underneath the crystal clear water?

5.  Dry Tortugas, Florida

Save the money on international travel and go local!  All the way to Florida Keys.  Well, just outside of it.  Florida is beautiful and has some of the best snorkeling spots for beginners, but it’s also one of the favorite spots for seasoned snorkelers and it’s because of Dry Tortugas.

Just look at the water surrounding that island?  It’s obvious it’s going to be filled with magical creatures you can swim with.  

4.  Bonaire

Have you ever heard of Bonaire?  If you’re not an avid snorkeler, chances are you haven’t.  It’s located to the East of Aruba and North of Venezuela.  So obviously it’s going to be pretty amazing.  It’s also home of the famous pink lake.  Bonaire is a snorkelers dream location. 

I can’t imagine a more relaxing place to be, even the shark looks relaxed.  Like he’s had a good long while to meditate in the water and feel like sharing the ocean with everyone.

3.  Blight Water, Fiji

Fiji is the ultimate island getaway isn’t it?  It’s hard to believe such a place even exists.  We all know Fiji water is awesome, and part of the appeal of Fiji water is that it sounds like a made up magical place.  And when it looks like this, it’s hard to believe that it isn’t just a fairy tale place, somewhere like Asgard.  Fiji is that place that you look at and think, I will never go home…I’m going to live here, on the beach, forever.

And the feeling you get with just hearing the word “Fiji” makes sense with these underwater sights.

2.  Bay Islands, Honduras

Honduras is often known for their amazing rain forests, but it has got some of the most killer reefs around.  And we mean killer in the best way.

Look at all that reef under the water.  Doesn’t it just make you want to dive down and see what’s living in it?  Well if you do, this is what you’re going to find.  

1.  Big Island, Hawaii

And we are back to Hawaii.  Why is that?  Well…just look at these images.  Could there be a better spot on earth to go snorkeling?  While it’s all subjective, we know a lot of you love Hawaii, and Big Island is where you should be!

Book your one way plane ticket now, because how do you come back to your 9-5 after this?!  

So be sure to do some research before you head out snorkeling.  Try a new spot before booking a vacation.  And of course with our Kapitol Reef snorkeling gear you’ll get a deeper dive due to our amazing Kadence Technology, which you can read about on our other post.