Snorkeling Versus Freediving

There are a few things that you should know about the differences between snorkeling and freediving and we’re going to break down those differences right now. 

Snorkeling is when you float on the surface of the water while using a snorkel to breathe with and a mask to see what lies beneath. Snorkelers normally use a pair of short and simple fins in order to move around the surface with ease. While snorkelers will occasionally take quick dives to explore shallow depths, they spend most of their time observing and exploring sea life in shallow areas from the surface. The most important difference between snorkeling and freediving is that while snorkelers are mostly on the surface, freedivers often use meditation and relaxation techniques to allow them to dive down to further depths while holding their breath.

A good way to grasp this concept is by comparing the differences between downhill skiing and freestyle skiing. Downhill skiers enjoy spending most of their time on the surface of the snow whereas freestyle skiers enjoy spending most of their time in the air by going off jumps or dropping off of cliffs. Just as freestyle skiers try to spend most of their time in the air, freedivers get their thrill from spending their time away from the surface as well, the only difference being that they are headed the other direction (deep beneath the ocean surface).

While freediving, the diver will hold their breath the entire dive, sometimes for even several minutes, not breathing until they resurface.  Advanced freedivers and spearfishers wear low volume masks so that less of their needed oxygen is used up when they equalize their masks. Freedivers also tend to wear longer fins as this allows them to dive deeper in a shorter amount of time while using less energy. This is important, as freedivers use advanced breathing techniques and efficient movements underwater to conserve oxygen and increase depth and time underwater. 

One of the reasons why experienced freedivers can dive so deep and hold their breath for large amounts of time is due to their ability to maintain larger lung volumes and oxygenate their blood stream. They accomplish this through relaxation and meditation techniques while on the ocean surface before their dives. One of the amazing things about the Kapitol Reef snorkel is that it was designed by a Doctor who understood these concepts and put them to practical use with his patented Kadence technology. As a matter of fact, the Kapitol Reef snorkel is the only snorkel on the market that will naturally allow you to breathe your best, and maintain your largest possible lung volumes. The Kapitol Reef snorkel will improve a users experience whether they are exploring great depths freediving or casually exploring from the surface while on vacation.

Well thats it! These are the differences between snorkeling and free diving. No matter what kind of water enjoyment you plan on being a part of, the Kapitol Reef gear has what you need.  

Free diving with Kapitol Reef snorkeling gear