The Kapitol Reef Snorkel

Who doesn’t love the ocean?  Its vastness, its beautifully varying shades of blue, the rolling of the waves…we could keep going, but we wont, you already know why you love the ocean…we don’t need to point it out to you.  When you look at the ocean however, how often do you really think of the vast ecosystem that lives just underneath that water’s surface?  Often, we can compartmentalize these things.  It’s not until we are in the water that we begin to think about what else is in the water with us.

And what is in the water with us is just shy of pure magic!  Below the water is an entire ecosystem that, with the help of snorkeling gear, we get to emerge ourselves into and experience these beautiful sights.  With thriving coral reefs and colorful fish to kelp forests and more, snorkeling is an excellent way to spend your vacation. 

Snorkeling is great because it requires minimal equipment and minimal training.  As long as you are able to swim and hold your breath, you’re pretty much set! 

As long as you have amazing equipment, like the Kapitol Reef snorkel, there’s no end to what you’ll be able to experience while snorkeling.  Snorkeling allows you to remain on top of the water’s surface floating face down.  With your snorkel, mask, and fins, you’re able to observe the underwater world from the surface.  Because snorkeling requires little exertion, those who struggle with floating can even use life-vests or snorkeling vest to float comfortably without worry. 

While you may think any old snorkel will do, this isn’t really the case.  Being able to properly breathe through a snorkel while your head is partially submerged is important.  It takes some getting used to in order to find that sweet spot of where you should rest along the surface and where the snorkel should be to remain out of the water.  And once you've found that spot, being able to breathe normally can often take a bit of getting used to.  Finding a snorkel with the proper technology to allow you to feel like your breathing is under control is crucial.  If you invest in a high end snorkel you will be able to breathe better and easier while snorkeling and even allow yourself to fully submerge to get closer to the underwater attractions that await.  Kapitol Reef snorkels are made for snorkeling and diving.  Because our snorkels are created with Kadence Technology breathing with the Kapitol Reef snorkel is easy and clearing the breathing tube after being submerged is easy.

The Kapitol Reef snorkel is designed with two tubes, one allowing fresh clean air in and one to extract exhaled air.  This allows your breathing to flow easier and helps to reduce snorkel panic, if not eliminate it completely.

So before you head out on your vacation, think about what you'll be wanting to experience, and make sure you get yourself the proper equipment needed to get the absolute most out of your snorkeling adventure.