What the Heck Is Snuba?

Snuba is a hybrid of scuba diving and snorkeling.  The best part of snuba is that you get to feel like you’re scuba diving, but you don’t need any certification to participate in this underwater activity.

Snuba has been around since 1988 and over 6 million people have experienced the convenience and fun of snuba.  Underwater activities usually involve long classes and lots of gear, but snuba allows you to experience a lot of the same sights as a scuba diver.

So how does snuba work?  Snuba requires an air supply that floats on the waters surface.  This allows the divers to be able to breathe while diving into deeper depth rather than being limited to the waters surface area.  While you are still limited to the distance of the air hose, which is usually 20 feet, you have a greater ability to dive further and stay under longer.  Due to the fact that you don’t have to resurface in order to breathe, you are able to enjoy your dive much longer than if you were free-diving or snorkeling.

You don’t have to have a certification and you don’t have to know how to work an air tank. 

In order to snuba dive you need to purchase or rent the raft with the air tank.  A normal snorkeling mask, like the Kapitol Reef mask, and a pair of fins, like the awesome Kapitol Reef fins, are required.  These will help you to see and maneuver during your dive. 

You can snuba dive all over the world, and kids as young as 4-7 can go on snuba adventures. 

Snuba diving is a great adventure to take with your family and a great experience if you want to spice up your snorkeling adventure but you aren’t quite ready to scuba dive.  Snuba gives you a small look at what scuba diving would be like, and allows you to learn if you are ready to become scuba certified. 

Snuba diving is fun for the whole family and a great snorkeling adventure.