Smashing the World's Best Snorkel

We have been getting a lot of comments and questions from everybody asking how the Kapitol Reef snorkel works. No matter how much explanation takes place we all know that sometimes you just need a good o'l hands on experience and visual in order to gain a full appreciation and understanding of how things work. 

So this is exactly what we have done! We have broken and smashed to pieces the Kapitol Reef snorkel for you to see exactly what's inside. We started the shoot by having Trever take a 10 pound sledge hammer strait to the Kadence Regulator at the bottom of the snorkel followed up by a brief explanation from Derek showing exactly how the Kadence technology works. After Derek finished explaining the Kadence regulator we had Trever take the sledge hammer to the top of the snorkel. Derek then followed up by showing the dual tube design and how the air flows throughout the snorkel.

After smashing 9 snorkels to get the shot and many outtakes that will fit nicely into our blooper reel we were able to pull off this short production to help you get an excelent visual of how our snorkeling equipment works. If you want a more in-depth explanation of what our technology does for your lungs while breathing make sure to check out our Kadence Technology page. You'll see why our customers love our snorkel as it allows them to hold their breath longer and breathe in a more relaxed manner. Whether you're a spearfisher looking to hold your breath longer or a weekend warrior wanting a safe snorkel for the family and a relaxed snorkeling experience while on vacation the Kapitol Reef snorkel has what you need. Say goodbye to the dreaded "snorkel panic" that traditional snorkels give you and say hello to the world's best snorkel!