Diving with Scooters

Do you ever use a DVP (Diver Propulsion Vehicle), aka scooter,when you go diving? Here are some facts and benefits of using a DVP or scooter.

Scooter Styles

Pros of Using a Scooter


Using a scooter to move through the water while diving or snorkeling can increase your range of travel. The scooter can take you past your range of swimming strength and allow you to cover more water and see more.


If you know your destination for diving is a greater distance away, a scooter can get you there faster than simply swimming which will allow more time under water whether you are scuba diving or snorkeling, and more time underwater means more fun!


Using a scooter will allow divers and snorkelers to swim with greater ease, using less energy and staying calmer. Snorkelers and free divers will especially appreciate not having to exert as much energy to swim to deeper waters.


Because scooters can get you to deeper waters quicker, it is important to remember a few steps to take when diving.


When diving deep, you may need to equalize your mask with the pressure of the water. If you are traveling deep quickly and don't think about it, the pressure may cause some pain before you can stop and equalize.


When diving into deeper waters, a scooter can help you travel with greater ease and at faster speeds, but it is important to not forget  about descending and ascending at appropriate speeds to allow your body to equalize with pressure differences. Forgetting this can cause great pain and injury.

Scooters can provide a great time when diving or snorkeling. Whatever your method, enjoy your time in the water!