Top 10 Fresh Water Dives

Did you know that some of the best dive locations in the world aren't in salt water? That's why we're sharing with you our top 10 fresh water dive spots. Who says you can't dive without an ocean?

#1 Silfra Iceland

 Silfra Iceland is a tectonic fissure filled with glacier water. A frigid maximum 39 degrees fahrenheit, this dive is crystal clear and provides an opportunity to touch one hand to the North American tectonic plate and the other hand to the Eurasian tectonic plate.

#2 Green Lake Austria

The Green Lake is known for its remarkably clear water that covers the green valley in the spring when all the snow in the mountains melts and fills the valley, submerging trails, a park bench, and a bridge. 

#3 Crystal River Florida

Located two hours outside of Tampa, Crystal River is home to several manatees or "sea pandas." One can find the pandas hovering around a hot spring during the cold winter days. Curious and gentle, snorkeling with the manatees can be an amazing experience.

#4 Shicheng City, China

Shicheng City became an underwater memorial after being flooded in 1959 from the goverment using the Xin'an river for hydropower. The city stands as a monument of craftsmanship, having been built in 200 A.D. The main archway is a main attraction with its dragon carvings and full arch still supported.

#5 Capo D'Acqua, Italy

This beautiful lake covers the remains of two mills and a village dating back to the middle ages. Privately owned, to dive in this lake you must have permission and a guide to show you the way through the ruins.

#6 Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

After a landslide in 1911, Lake Kaindy was formed, submerging trees that still stand today. A beautiful scene surrounds this fresh water and provides a peaceful swim around the dry sentinels of this natural lake.

#7 Pet Cemetery, Playa Del Carmen

Littered with the bones of ancient and extinct species, Pet Cemetery is a beautiful dive into white caves and beautiful rock formations. These bones date back as far as the ice age and one can find the bones of horses, elephants and many other animals.

#8 Tobermory, Ontario Canada

Tobermory houses many sunken ships along the coast of the Northern Bruce Peninsula. Beaches, unspoiled countryside and a lot of underwater adventures makes this place a large tourist attraction.

#9 Lake Walchensee Germany

The clear waters of Lake Walchensee are visible up to 130 feet. The lake is littered with sunken cars, boats and even aircraft from World War II. A dive in this fresh water lake will surely find some interesting views from the past.

#10 The Lost Villages of Cornwall, Ontario

A city submerged after a new canal system was built to accommodate shipping to Central North America, Cornwall is a haunting scene of houses and even a power plant lost under water since 1959.