What You Need To Prepare for Your Next Snorkeling Vacation.

You're probably thinking, there's not a whole lot to snorkeling... but you'd be wrong.  There's plenty that you need to prepare for before you head off to the beach and hope for some underwater adventure.


The first thing that you need to figure out is where you want to snorkel.  There are certain areas of the ocean that are better for snorkeling than others.  We recommend looking up areas around you and seeing what they offer. Are you land locked? Believe it or not, lakes can be a very exciting place to snorkel and explorer. I know of a few employees here at Kapitol Reef who have even found several lost treasures in lakes. This can make for a great adventure!


They literally named the activity after this piece of equipment, so clearly it's got to be important.  You want to make sure that you have a good snorkel, or you can become frustrated while you're trying to enjoy the beauty beneath the water's surface.  

The Kapitol Reef snorkel is the world's greatest snorkel and here's why.  The Kapitol Reef snorkel is the only snorkel that is made with Kadence Technology.  Kadence Technology allows for a more relaxed snorkeling experience as well as better performance.  

Kadence Technology reduces snorkel panic and allows for some amazingly natural breathing. You'll be quite surprised when you feel how much of a difference it really makes. 


The kind of fins that you use to snorkel and dive down have a great impact on your dive experience.  If you have the wrong size fins it can mess up your entire experience.  Fins can fall off, or get stuck together due to the wrong size.  That's why Kapitol Reef comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  The small are for children, the medium for youth, and the large for adults. Each one of our fins come with adjustable straps to lock you in with the perfect fit!   


You want a mask that is going to fit comfortably and not fill with water.  The Kapitol Reef mask is made with tempered glass to give you a clean, clear view.  It also has a purging skirt system that gives you a low point purge valve to release excess water from the mask, directing bubbles away from view.  The straps and skirting are made from silicone to ensure a comfortable fit and give you the best seal in order to stop water from getting inside.


It's important to wear sunscreen anytime you are going to be in the sun.  But it's incredibly important when you head out to go snorkeling.  Because you will be floating on the water's surface, there is a greater chance that you'll get a sunburn. The water's reflection can sometimes cause even a greater burn. Also, when you're floating face down, the back of your body will be exposed to sun for most of the day.  It's important to use a strong sunscreen and apply it throughout the day. An alternative to sunscreen is a rash guard. Most freedivers and spearfishers use rash guards as it keeps their body temperature warm which is an important factor for helping them stay relaxed to maximize their breath-hold times. If nothing else, picking the right rash guard may be a major playing card for the cool look. ;) Click here to see the how powerful sunscreen really is. I think you'll be quite surprised!