Why is Kapitol Reef the World's Best Snorkel?

We Are The World’s Best Snorkel because of Kadence Technology

We are the world's best snorkel company because of Kadence Technology. Kadence Technology makes us the world's best snorkel because the ability it gives you to breathe. Inside our Kapitol Reef snorkel we have put a regulator that increases relaxed breathing, and allows you to hold your breath longer.

We Are The World’s Best Snorkel Because We Regulate Breathing

The biggest problem with snorkeling is that the weight of the water is constantly pushing down on our bodies which causes our bodies to become fatigued if you aren’t getting enough oxygen to your lungs. Our regulator has fixed that! It has been proven that a lack of oxygen can cause anxiety for some. We want everyone to enjoy their snorkeling experience, and not freak out while snorkeling. Vacation is a time to relax.

We Are The World’s Best Snorkel Because We Guarantee It

The way that we work here at Kapitol Reef is we want you to have the best experience with our snorkel. If you don’t like it then send it back in and we will refund you. No questions asked!

We Are The World’s Best Snorkel Because of Our Customer Service

Our goal with our customers is to get our product to you as fast as possible. We have our warehouse located in St. George Utah, and the day your order comes in we get packing!

World’s Best Snorkel Testimonial

If you don’t believe us check out our testimonials!

Austino from San Diego said:

“Best investment on snorkeling trip! I love this snorkel, it delivers on its promise to be a truly dry snorkel. It fits comfortably. I took it on a trip to the Mayan Riviera, it was amazing being able to snorkel for hours on end without the fatigue I used to experience with cheap snorkels. I was able to free dive and swim right along turtles in Akumal! It was well worth the money, I highly recommend it!”

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