Take These Snorkeling Precautions Before You Go Out

Enjoy Yourself But Mindful of Your Surroundings

We enjoy snorkeling and being out in the water on our vacations, but we often only focus on the fun and we don’t think about necessary snorkeling precautions we should take to properly enjoy our vacation.  Snorkeling accidents do occur, but many of them could be avoided if the proper snorkeling precautions were taken.  Below, we’re going to outline a few things that can be done to keep you and your family or friends safe during your snorkeling adventure. 

Never Swim Alone

snorkeling precautions.png

You probably didn’t go to the beach alone, so don’t head out into the water alone.  Accidents can happen even when you are with a partner, so make sure that any time that you are in the water, you have someone with you, and the same goes for your friends, don’t let them wander off alone. 

Make sure that even when you have a buddy with you, you are watching each other.  Don’t let anyone swim off alone or explore areas where you aren’t able to see them. 

Have Quality Equipment that You are Familiar With

Your equipment should be in good working condition.  Make sure your have a mask that you are able to see through and that fits snuggly against your face, allowing no water through.  Make sure your snorkel works properly before you head off to the beach.  No one wants to get to the beach and find out their snorkel isn’t working properly.  And quality fins will make a world of different when you’re out in the water.  Make sure that they are the right size

Take Care of Yourself

Remember you’re going to be in the sun all day.  You’ll need to wear the proper sunscreen, and make sure you reapply it throughout the day, especially on your back, since you will be floating face down. 

When you’re having fun, you tend to lose track of time.  This mean you probably forget to properly take care of yourself as well.  Make sure that you hydrate all day long and remember to eat.  And never try to push yourself or others outside of your comfort zone level. 

Be Aware

The ocean is amazing and beautiful, but it’s also a force to be reckoned with.  Make sure that you know what currents are present, and the size of the waves and swells, the wind speeds, and other important information.  Be aware of these things the entire time that you are in the water.  And of course, be aware of boats.  When you’re snorkeling, you become harder to see, and that increased the potential for boat related accidents.

Observe, Don’t Interact

It’s fun to view all of the underwater life.  But be sure to be an observer instead of an interactive force.  This is better for your safety and the good of the sea life.  Experience the sea life and take pictures, but be sure to respect their environment as well.   

Remember to utilize these snorkeling precautions while on your trip, and you'll have a safer and less stressful experience!