Essential Tips For Beginner Snorkelers

We know that snorkeling can cause panic because we can’t breathe under water, we aren’t fish. But we love doing things that (hypothetically speaking) we can’t do naturally, but we do it with equipment that helps us do it. Snorkeling is one of those things. Snorkeling allows us to see underwater, and breathe comfortably while being partially submerged in the water as if we were a fish. When you were a kid did you ever want super powers? Snorkeling is your super power to become a fish!  In fact, you’re nearly Aquaman.  There’s a few essential tips for beginner snorkelers that can help you remain calm and snorkeling like a pro.

5 Essential Tips For Beginner Snorkelers

  • Fear

  • Right Gear

  • Getting Tired

  • Getting Bored

  • Injury while snorkeling

Tip Number One: Fear

When you go snorkeling there might be various different types of fears that you might feel. You fear drowning, shark attacks, etc. Shark attacks don’t happen that often.  In fact there are more car accidents, and people getting struck by lightning than shark attacks. The odds of you getting attacked by a shark is very very unlikely.

Tips Number Two: Right Gear

Always make sure that you have the right gear. A dry kapitol reef snorkel will enhance your snorkeling experience because of the Kadence Technology. The Kadence Technology improves your breathing performance.The pressure regulation of this innovative technology significantly improves performance and safety. Indeed, relaxed respiratory rates drop 32% with Kadence Technology and comfortable breath-hold times increase 22%. While it is not recommended to hyperventilate with any snorkel (including the Kapitol Reef snorkel) to accomplish longer dive times, typical users note that they are more comfortable breath-holding with Kadence Technology. Allowing you to breathe your best.

Tip Number Three: Getting Tired

Getting tired while snorkeling usually comes if you aren’t relaxed while snorkeling. Don’t swim fast, it isn’t a race. Keeping a solid pace is key to staying relaxed while snorkeling. The key to finding the right pace when snorkeling is to swim at a pace that makes it easy to breathe through your snorkel.

Tip Number Four: Boredom

If you are bored, you didn’t pick the right location! The ocean is full of mysteries, fish corals, etc. Do your research before you head to your location. There are too many amazing places to get bored out in the ocean. If you don’t like exploring, then I hate to say it, snorkeling isn’t for you!

Tip Number Five: Injury

Most injuries comes from people trying to be a superhero. In other words, they think that they are a professional diver. Be humble! You need to work up to the big stuff. Start off snorkeling in areas where you can touch the bottom. Just because you can touch doesn’t mean you can’t see amazing stuff under the surface. Remember to avoid swimming in areas that have a strong current.

Go out, have fun, and be safe. You know your limits.