3 Ways to Communicate While Diving

We suggest that when diving you at least need to know how to do one of these three ways of communication:

1.     Underwater Writing Slate (How to communicate while diving)

This method takes some effort when diving. What you need is a soft-leaded pencil and a slate to write down common questions that you can ask during your dive. These questions should be directed toward other divers, and can help you with observations underwater, elapsed time, air supply, and directions.

2.    Underwater Sign Language (How to communicate while diving)

You should know a little sign language before you enter the water such as, “okay,” and “not okay.”  “Okay” is made by joining the thumb and the index finger to form a loop and extend the other fingers vertically. The “Not Okay” signal is made by extending a flattened hand and pivoting it slowly at the wrist, similar to how people signal “so-so” in a normal conversation, then pointing to where the issue is coming from.

3.    Limited Visibility Communication ( How to communicate while Diving)

Diving in low light situations is very common while diving. Kapitol Reef snorkel suggest that we create even more forms of communication in this situation. Some other forms that you can try are rope tugs. Rope tugs allow you to create new signals and signs that will enhance your communications.

Overall, Kapitol Reef Snorkel wants you to be safe when you are out with your friends. You need to practice your communication before you enter the water. You never know when you could encounter danger. If you haven’t planned for these different types of situations, you and your friends could put yourselves into a dangerous situation. Better yet don’t forget to use the Kapitol Reef Snorkel to make your dive that more enjoyable. Get you Kapitol Reef Snorkel today, don’t forget: safety first!