Crystals May Replace Scuba Diving Tanks

Have you ever dreamed of swimming deep in the ocean for an hour or more,  watching coral sway in the ocean current and fish dart around the rocks, without having an oxygen tank strapped to your back? Thanks to the University of Southern Denmark, that dream may become possible in the not too distant future.

Professor Christine McKenzie gave some great insight about a new crystal material that is being developed at the University of Southern Denmark. This crystal, a base of cobalt surrounded by an organic molecule structure, absorbs oxygen from the matter around it. 

The crystals change color with the change in oxygen saturation. Absorbed with oxygen, the crystals take on a black shade; pink when oxygen is released.

As development continues with this crystalline material, scientists are determining its capacities. A bucket of these crystals, for instance, can deplete the oxygen in a small room. A few of these grains could be used to provide a breath of oxygen. 

Another benefit of these crystals is their ability to release and absorb oxygen without ruining the structure of the material; the crystals can be used over and over. 

Oxygen can be released through heating the crystalline material, or creating a vacuum to release the oxygen molecules. McKenzie said the University is also looking into the possibility that the oxygen could be released through light amplification upon the crystals. 

So, why is a snorkeling company writing about some science experiment in Denmark? We are writing about this Aquaman crystal because it has a potential to be developed for diving. Wouldn't it be great if this crystal could be used to breath oxygen underwater for extended amounts of time? No more bulky scuba tanks. You would be able to dive deep in the ocean waters, freely moving about, while using a simple devise that activates the crystals and releases oxygen into your lungs. Now this will require oxygen blends in order to prevent oxygen toxicity. You can read more about that in our article about air tanks.

There is still a lot of research and development required before this crystalline material becomes mainstream and usable, and there are many hurdles to overcome on how they can safely apply it to diving, but it's exciting to think about. 

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