Are Your Fins Actually Working?

Are Your Fins Actually Working?

Ever since Benjamin Franklin designed a crude version of the modern swimming fin, humans have been gliding through the water, joining in with the sea life around them as they move swiftly around rock, sand, plant, and animal. There are different styles of fins, but are your fins effective for snorkeling? Here are some tips and ideas from our designed fin.

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Entering the Water Effectively and Efficiently

Sometimes, getting into the water with fins, snorkels, masks, tanks and more can seem daunting with waves, slippery rocks, and other hazards. Here are some tips to make entering the water a little more effective and efficient.


If entering the ocean or water with waves to deal with, keep your mask pulled over your head and hanging around your neck to keep it from being washed away when a strong wave hits you. 

If you don't have a mask, you can check out our swimming masks and see what fits for you!


 Wherever you are entering the water, whether its from a boat or shallow shore entrance, putting on your fins can be a struggle. 

If you have an opportunity to sit down on a bench or a rock by the water, that can be the easiest way to create a 4 figure with your leg resting on your other leg to put one fin on at a time. 

If you have to stand in a boat or on the shore, use your swimming buddy as a support to hold onto as you again make a 4 figure with your leg and put one fin on at a time. The buddy system makes this process a lot easier than trying to put your fins on alone, especially if waves are constantly pushing against you. 

Entering the water or being close to the waters edge before donning your fins will make it easier to move about after your fins are on. 

Again, we hope that if you don't have a good pair of fins, you will take a look at our fins. They're great!

We hope you enjoy snorkeling and diving as much as we do, and hopefully the next time you attempt to enter the water, you will find an easier, faster approach to your water experience!

For further tips on snorkeling, check out our blog on essential tips for beginner snorkelers

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Take These Snorkeling Precautions Before You Go Out

Take These Snorkeling Precautions Before You Go Out

Enjoy Yourself But Mindful of Your Surroundings

We enjoy snorkeling and being out in the water on our vacations, but we often only focus on the fun and we don’t think about necessary snorkeling precautions we should take to properly enjoy our vacation.  Snorkeling accidents do occur, but many of them could be avoided if the proper snorkeling precautions were taken.  Below, we’re going to outline a few things that can be done to keep you and your family or friends safe during your snorkeling adventure. 

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