Family Vacations with Kapitol Reef Snorkel Sets

Within every Mother and Father is a desire to bring to their children an unforgettable and thrilling Family Vacation. You know, the one where the children still talk about it when they are 30 and 40 years old at a Family Reunion.  Allow us here at Kapitol Reef to aid you in such a noble quest.

Family Vacations do not need to put a dent in your wallet. So many think that a quality vacation involves beau-coup bucks, or even one that needs to be at least seven to ten days. Although this sounds very nice, snorkeling doesn't necessarily need to follow that pattern.  Life below the water in many cases is free. Yes, we said it, experiencing the life and treasures under the water can be a free experience.  Children hunger to know  if Nemo really exists. They also are fascinated with the fact that there are coral habitations. However, this may not be in the back yards or on the other side of the town to most people. Our suggestion is snorkel the nearest reservoir, lake, river, or some type of body of water. 

Though fishing is fun, it can be even more fun to snorkel and see the fish in their elements. It can be an adventure to snorkel the surface of a man made reservoir and discover a school bus on the bottom of it, placed there for divers to explore. Such treasure can be found scattered in our local reservoirs in Southern Utah.   

The greatest thing about this type of vacation is that it can be an opportunity to practice and master the Kadence Technology found in the Kapitol Reef Snorkel which allows you to hold your breath up to 22% longer!