Summer 2016 Goals: "Breathe Your Best"

It is hard to believe that the calendar is flipped once again. Now, the month of June is here, and you know what that means, preparation time. This is the month where the Vision is established and the goals are made. This year, our vision here at Kapitol Reef Aquatics is to allow you to "BREATHE YOUR BEST!" Listed are some goals that all of us should share in common as we prepare to have the best summer in history! This is only possible thanks to Kadence Technology who allows everyone to "BREATHE YOUR BEST." Let us swim in this together...


1. Hold Breath for 4 Minutes underwater.

2.Experience the life under the surface in a whole new way, and do the best we can to preserve that life.

3. Dive to "sunken treasure."

4. Visit a new snorkeling location and turn off/eliminate all distractions keeping us from becoming one with nature and her beauties.

5. Give back to the community that I participated in to accomplish these goals.

As we make plans now to accomplish these goals, we would like to impress upon your minds that Kadence Technology which is found in our Kapitol Reef Snorkel allows you to "BREATHE YOUR BEST." In fact, we promise it will! So, when you begin to turn in your last assignment or book your tickets, do not forget to purchase your Kapitol Reef Snorkel and gear. Your summer will never have been so easy to breathe.