In order to become an Authorized Dealer, Kapitol Reef Aquatics requires dealers to agree to limited terms and conditions as specified below. This is done with the purpose of supporting our dealer community in general. In so doing, Dealer witnesses and agrees to the following:

Dealer operates one or more retail, rental, or shore excursion locations.

Dealer agrees to become educated and familiar with the proper and safe use of Kapitol Reef product.

Dealer agrees to manage any customer returns, which then may be reimbursed to Dealer by Kapitol Reef as decided on an individual basis.

Dealer agrees to be listed on the official Kapitol Reef website and agrees to manage all inquires about Kapitol Reef in a fair and professional manner.

Dealer agrees to NOT sell Kapitol Reef product on any website that is NOT directly associated with said Dealer and Dealer’s place of business (i.e., no eBay, Amazon, auction sites or other type of discount websites.)

Dealer agrees to stay current with all invoiced billing according to its current payment plan.

Dealer agrees to accept responsibility for any duties that may be imposed on importation.

Dealer agrees to respect MSRP and MAP pricing provided on the Kapitol Reef Current Pricing Guide. Nevertheless, it is understood that Dealer may legally and discretely sell Kapitol Reef product at other price points, such as during in-store promotions, in such a manner that advertised pricing of product remains within MSRP and MAP.

Dealer agrees that his staff will honor and respect the above provisions.

By typing your name in this field, you sign agreement to the above conditions.
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