Using Your Kapitol Reef Snorkel


During a typical head-down descent, the Kadence regulator is positioned at a greater depth than the user's lungs and head. This provides increased pressure to keep air in the lungs and to counter the discomfort of water pressure against the sinuses and the ears. It also allows the Inhalation valve to remain tightly closed, keeping the inhalation passage dry. 


Most experienced snorkelers are accustomed to the annoying "blasting" in-order to clear their snorkel after surfacing from a dive. Although this is a common practice to clear water from traditional snorkels, this is not how you clear the Kapitol Reef snorkel. To completely clear the Kapitol Reef snorkel, you begin to naturally exhale when you are about 2-3 feet from surfacing. This ensures that the Kapitol Reef will be completely cleared out and allows the snorkeler to immediately inhale after they have fully surfaced from their dive.


Proper Care of your Kapitol Reef Snorkel

The Kapitol Reef snorkel must be cleaned and disinfected after use. This preserves the precision function of the snorkel and protects against disease-causing organisms that may otherwise grow in moist areas.

After each use:

Clean the Kapitol Reef snorkel of any visible dirt or debris with clean water, using a mild detergent if necessary. Then thoroughly rinse with chlorinated drinking water or swimming pool water prior to storage. The rinse must be thorough and the water must be chlorinated to keep dangerous organisms from growing inside the moist snorkel.


Clean as outlined above. Store in a well ventilated area to allow the snorkel to thoroughly dry out.

If you have any reason to believe that the snorkel was not properly cleaned prior to storage, you should disinfect the snorkel by cleaning it of any debris, and then soaking it for 20-30 minutes in 1:10 dilution of chlorine bleach and water. Closely adhere to the label cautions on the bleach. Rinse thoroughly with clean water before use. 

Diving Precautions

Kadence Technology is extremely effective at improving gas exchange in the lungs. It has not been tested or certified to reduce the risk of shallow water blackout, which can be a fatal outcome from prolonged breath-hold dives with any snorkel. Therefore, the user should never hyperventilate through the Kapitol Reef snorkel as a means to accomplish longer dive times.