National Geographic Snorkeler Fit Traveler 2 Combo


National Geographic Snorkeler Fit Traveler 2 Combo

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  • Lenses—CE-tempered for safe distortion free clarity

  • Frame—lightweight Delrin™ and plastics

  • Mask Skirt—hypoallergenic silicone feathered-edge seal

  • Mask Strap—Flexible and replaceable with ratchet styled adjustable buckles


  • Mouthpiece—hypoallergenic silicone orthodontic design

  • Snorkel Tab—easy to mount and secure

  • Breathing Tube—wide bore for air displacement/exchange

  • Components—properly sized to create an optimal Fit

  • Splash Guard—keeps the snorkel dry under normal conditions

    National Geographic Snorkeler products are made available by Kapitol Reef through a unique partnership that allows us to provide our customers with high-quality snorkeling related products. We hope you find the same value that we have through this partnership.

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National Geographic is synonyms with adventure and this Fit Traveler Mask and Snorkel Combo from the Explorer Series is your key to unlocking the adventures of the sea world.

The Fit Traveler mask is a center-fitted snorkel which allows free use of your arms so you can swim a variety of strokes at the pool or on the reef.

The two lens mask has a great field of vision, made from 100 percent hypoallergenic silicone with a lightweight Delrin plastic frame and adjustable silicone rubber head strap for maximum comfort and fit. The Mask has a unique front snorkel clip centered between the two lenses and the snorkel does not obstruct your view.