See what our customers are saying about the Kapitol Reef snorkel.

For breathing on the surface it is luxurious – the Bentley of snorkels.
— William Trubridge, Double World Champion Freediver

I cannot believe how easy the Kapitol Reef snorkel is. I read the directions on how to use it and jumped in my pool. I practiced for fifteen minutes and got the technique down to a science. Since my pool session I have taken it out to the local lake and have used the snorkel 4 times since – it keeps getting better every time. I love the new technology and highly recommend this product to every kind of diver. Give it a try and you will be on cloud 9 like me!
— Steve, Columbus, OH
Prior to my wife and I heading to Florida two weeks ago, we both purchased new Scubapro masks and snorkels, saving our Kapitol Reef gear as backups. BIG MISTAKE! After our first dive in Molasis Reef, we both switched back to our original Kapitol Reef masks and snorkels. It never let us down, even diving wrecks at 110 feet. Thanks, again for the great products and awesome customer support!
— John M King
I enjoy snorkeling, not so much diving, as I am able to enjoy the sport of snorkeling with my wife and kids. They all have one, and especially for the beginning/novice snorkeler, there is not a better one on the market. The kids adapted to it more quickly than other snorkels because it is more like normal breathing. It stays extremely dry, and provides extra time in the water. The mouthpiece is comfortable, the dual tube design is unique in that you don’t rebreathe dirty air. If you read the manual that comes with it, the science behind pressure regulation is fascinating! It actually balances against the negative pressure that the water places on your lungs. Leave it to a doctor to consider all these aspects. Seemed like he knew what he was talking about! So, in my opinion, if you want a great snorkeling experience, then this is the equipment you want. Even my wife had a nice experience and normally I couldn’t get her to use a snorkel because she was scared of inhaling water. Go figure, finally I knew what I was talking about!
— SnorkelingFan, Las Vegas, NV
After years of being a great diver but a horrible snorkeler due to uncomfortable and flooded snorkels, I have finally found the snorkel that sets me free! Kapitol Reef’s unique design allows me to comfortably swim around with absolutely no worry of inhaling water. I cannot wait until I get to take this beauty to Aruba. An added bonus for those who enjoy being fashionable in the water is that Kapitol Reef offers this snorkel in a variety of colors. I couldn’t be happier with another snorkel!
— Sara G., CA
Must be the real thing! Comfortable mouthpiece & ergonomic design! Five stars!
— Lei F., San Francisco, CA
This is absolutely the best and only snorkel I will ever use. I’ve been using these snorkels now for a couple of years and will not/cannot go back to regular snorkels. I’m usually in the water for approximately 2-3 hours, 3 days per week, and would always get a bad headache after about 30 minutes using regular snorkels. The Kapitol Reef snorkel allows me to stay in the water longer and also to breathe much more normally and more comfortably than ever before. I had an issue with my first snorkel, but when I contacted the company about it, they were absolutely wonderful & replaced it right away - great customer service! Although these may be a little bit pricier than your average snorkel, it is so well worth the price and I would highly recommend it. I’ve tried many dry snorkels, but the way this one works is very different and is very easy to use. These are also very well built and will last a long time. I get questions about it all the time and I recommend it to everyone I know. I just can’t say enough good things about this snorkel and this company! Thanks Kapitol Reef!
— Shawn Caley
Best investment on snorkeling trip! I love this snorkel, it delivers on its promise to be a truly dry snorkel. It fits comfortably. I took it on a trip to the Mayan Riviera, it was amazing being able to snorkel for hours on end without the fatigue I used to experience with cheap snorkels. I was able to free dive and swim right along turtles in Akumal! It was well worth the money, I highly recommend it!
— austino R., San Diego, CA
After near drowning as a kid, I wasn’t a big fan of being too far out in the ocean. Tried snorkeling as an adult but frequently had sensation of not being able to breathe. Since that’s no fun at all, I gave it up. And then I discovered Kapitol Reef snorkel gear and it was a Brave new underwater world! I went from not snorkeling for years to being in the water no less than 2 hours at a time, every chance I could! It was such amazing snorkel equipment, I took up scuba diving! I wear my snorkel mask, it never never leaks-even at 90 feet! With my Kapitol Reef fins I never have leg fatigue or problems getting around at any depth. Snorkeling or diving it is the best equipment!
— Joanne McMenamy, NJ
Our kids used your snorkeling gear on their honeymoon in Playa del Carmen, Mexico – and they loved it! They were very impressed with your awesome snorkel! Keep up the good work.
— Nikkii S.
So far, the Kapitol Reef Dry Snorkel is the best I’ve used. It performs completely differently than other snorkels. The thing I like best about it is my ability to breathe instantly upon hitting the surface without having to blow to purge. This is how it’s done: When ascending to the surface, with your head oriented upward, blow out gradually during the ascent. There is no need to blow hard; just exhale normally. This purges the water naturally. When you hit the surface, breathe in immediately without the burst exhale to expel water so common with other snorkels. Because I can breathe instantly upon returning to the surface, I stay down longer and dive deeper than with any other snorkel I’ve used. The Kadence Technology works for me. I feel that exhalation resistance boosts my lung capacity and lets me stay down longer. Splashing water and waves never leak into the inhalation tube, I easily purge during ascent, so I am completely sold on my snorkel!
— Tetchaje, Utah
I use the snorkel in the pool for fin training. The Kapitol Reef design is one that I had thought of thirty years ago, but they actually did it – and it works! Due to the separate inhale and exhale passages, every breath is fresh air. Even with hard finning for 1/2 mile there is no sensation of air starvation. This feature alone makes the product worthwhile. I also use it scuba diving and consider it a piece of safety equipment. If you get stuck with a long surface swim with an empty tank it would be great to have! I give them out as gifts!
— Jim, Guilford, CT
I run a Fishing, Dive, Snorkel charter business. We do a lot and I mean a lot of snorkeling in the Key West. I saw your ad and claims of your snorkel performance. So with skepticism I wrote in to get a sample of your snorkel. Within a week the package arrived. Well packaged with mask and fins and a net gear bag. The opener of lobster season started early this month. Most of my clients have not snorkeled for Lobster, and to be honest not much snorkeling at all. We try to set them up on a reef at about 10 feet giving them a chance at a bit of bottom time. Most can only stay down about 20-30 seconds. During a Lobster hunt you generally have to get down and tease them from their holes so you need some bottom time to get them to come out. We tried the snorkel back to back with about 10 people so far. The results are as advertised. When timed between conventional snorkels and your product, there was an increase in bottom time for all 10 over 25 dives.
You really do get close to 20% longer bottom times when compared to conventional snorkels. My wife helps guide on snorkel trips and she gave this product a thumbs up as well. Snorkel is dry, and helps increase bottom time. Something important on a lobster hunt. Clients were fighting over the one I had. I plan to replace all my current snorkels with this product over the next year. Great job guys!
— Terry, FL
I used my new Kapitol Reef snorkel set in the Caribbean recently, it worked great! Thanks Kapitol Reef!
— Kate N., Kissimmee, FL
I’ve owned the snorkel for 4 years – and I just can’t give it up! I think I’ve made my entire family crazy getting them all to try mine and buy new Kapitol Reef snorkels! I’m another one of those satisfied customers!
— Fran F., Graham, NC
This is a wonderful product for me – and I’ve used several different dry snorkels. I took the time and learned how to use it, such as not blasting to clear it. I have explained this to several of my friends, but once they did it they loved it! Definitely worth the money, try it yourself!
— Snorkel Fox, Hatch