See what our customers are saying about the Kapitol Reef snorkel.

For breathing on the surface it is luxurious – the Bentley of snorkels.
— William Trubridge, Double World Champion Freediver

I cannot believe how easy the Kapitol Reef snorkel is. I read the directions on how to use it and jumped in my pool. I practiced for fifteen minutes and got the technique down to a science. Since my pool session I have taken it out to the local lake and have used the snorkel 4 times since – it keeps getting better every time. I love the new technology and highly recommend this product to every kind of diver. Give it a try and you will be on cloud 9 like me!
— Steve, Columbus, OH
I use the snorkel in the pool for fin training. The Kapitol Reef design is one that I had thought of thirty years ago, but they actually did it – and it works! Due to the separate inhale and exhale passages, every breath is fresh air. Even with hard finning for 1/2 mile there is no sensation of air starvation. This feature alone makes the product worthwhile. I also use it scuba diving and consider it a piece of safety equipment. If you get stuck with a long surface swim with an empty tank it would be great to have! I give them out as gifts!
— Jim, Guilford, CT
After years of being a great diver but a horrible snorkeler due to uncomfortable and flooded snorkels, I have finally found the snorkel that sets me free! Kapitol Reef’s unique design allows me to comfortably swim around with absolutely no worry of inhaling water. I cannot wait until I get to take this beauty to Aruba. An added bonus for those who enjoy being fashionable in the water is that Kapitol Reef offers this snorkel in a variety of colors. I couldn’t be happier with another snorkel!
— Sara G., CA
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